Getting started


coolOrange featureMigrator allows Inventor users to more easily create part features, like holes, from assembly features.

For example when you have 2 plates you can create the hole through both plates on the assembly level. So you know the hole fits perfectly. But when you open the plate, you would like to see the hole there. Therefore you will move the hole into both plates with the featureMigrator.


To use the featureMigrator there must be assembly features like holes, ... in the assembly that can be migrated to the components of the assembly.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Migrate a hole from the assembly to two plates that fit together:

  • Create an assembly in Inventor and save it.
  • Create a component in this assembly and design a plate.
  • Save it as "plate_1.ipt"
  • Create another plate componebt and save it as "plate_2.ipt"
  • Put the constraints so that the plates overlap
  • Call command "Hole" from the 3D Model ribbon and place the hole that it goes through both plates.
    Now you can see the feature "Hole 1" in the Inventor browser (see image on the right side).
  • Call command featureMigrator from the coolOrange ribbon.
  • The featureMigrator Control dialog opens, displaying the feature "Hole 1"
  • There select the feature "Hole 1" and call command "Send to Parts"
    The hole feature is transferred to the parts and in the featureMigrator Control dialog the feature is greyed out (supressed).

When you now open the component you will see the hole feature in there.