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For which Inventor version can I use the coolOrange threadModeler ?

The threadModeler is working with Inventor 2020, 2019 and 2018

Inventor LT is not supported!

Can threadModeler be used with older Inventor versions?

Yes, threadModeler can be used with older Inventor versions, but it is not tested and not supported. CoolOrange cannot guarantee that this works for everyone.

To use threadModeler with older Inventor versions, navigate to "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\coolOrange_threadModeler.bundle\Contents" and open the file "coolOrange.ThreadModeler.Inventor.addin" with a text editor.

In the file search for the line <SupportedSoftwareVersionGreaterThan>20..</SupportedSoftwareVersionGreaterThan> and change the number according to the Insert Number column.

This works only for threadModeler version 19.

Inventor Version

Insert Number



Can coolOrange guarantee that the threads of threadModeler match to the dimensions of the DIN and BSW standard?

No, coolOrange cannot guarantee that the dimensions of the threads of threadModeler match exaclty to the dimensions of the DIN and BSW standards. Therefore coolOrange deliveres samples for thread sketch templates which can be copied and modified, to generate templates for your needs.

Can threadModeler be used for 3D printing?

The initial intension of the threadModeler was not 3D printing. The threadModeler was made to show how the Inventor API can be used to model realistic threads.

We got feedback form some users that the thread was good enough for 3D printing. Other feedback was, that the result was not sufficient. So it depends on your needs whether the threadModeler can be used for 3D printing.

Keep in mind that you can modify the sketch of the template to improve the thread to your needs.

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